Sports Training

Sports Performance Training

Sports performance is everything.  The body must be trained to produce force, speed, agility and ability to adapt to a variety of internal and external forces.  A tenth of a second can separate elite from average, performance training is a must.

Six Basic Rules of Strength Training for Sports

Any strength training program should apply six basic laws of training to ensure adaptation and keep athletes who embark on training free from injuries.  The six rules apply to all athletes regardless of the physiological movements of the sport.

Strength training promote a steady and specific increase in strength and other abilities by adapting the routine to the needs of the sport and to physical capacity of the individual athlete.  The rules and principles work to develop superior programs of strength. 

Rule 1: Develop Joint Flexibility

Rule 2:  Development of Ligament and Tendon Strength

Rule 3:  Develop Core Strength

Rule 4:  Develop the Stabalizers

Rule 5:  Train Movements, Not Individual Muslces

Rule 6:  Don't Focus on what is New, But on what is Necessary


Sports Specific Testimonials


I have been racing in marathons, triathlons and century bike races for many years. I decided that I wanted to increase my endurance and muscle tone and I wanted to improve my results. I started working with Bernie and saw a 23 minute improvement on my year over year time at the Oceanside 70.3 Ironman. I felt great and felt that Bernie really motivated me. I would recommend Bernie to any athlete or person who wanted to improve their physical fitness.


2x East Valley Player of the Year

2x All State Selection

5A Single Season Scoring Leader

5A Record for Free Throws in a Game

5A Record for Career Steals

Full ride Scholarship to U of A